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Compassionate Communication Clinic

Join Us

October 31st

9:00am till 2:00pm CDT

​Bring your horse so you can learn together!

Relationship begins on the ground so all you need is your horse, a flat halter, and a lead rope. 

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We have a 5 horse limit. 

Please register early to secure your reservation. 

Auditor attendance is unlimited. 

Auditors also participate and learn practical communication skills you can use at home.

This clinic will be held outside.
We will social distance and masks are encouraged.  

$80 per Auditor
$150 for You and Your Horse

A lovely lunch, delicious snacks,

and beverages are included. 
We will have vegetarian and gluten free options. 

Registration Closes on Friday the 30th at 12:00pm

Participant with Horse
Clinic Location:
Lyric Valley Ranch
5427 Gaskill Branch Rd
Santa Fe, TN 3842


We are happy to answer your questions.

Please contact us.

Does Compassionate Communication Work?

We've been taught that we need to be dominant leaders that our horses must respect.  If we aren't assertive with our horses then they will walk all over us and NEVER do what we want, right?


The majority of the behavior problems we have with our horses are because our horses are fighting against the harsh treatment they are experiencing. 


When they finally "submit" and become obedient, they are doing so because they feel helpless - a heartbreaking state for them to be in and far from the collaborative willing partnership we want to have. 

Horses can and WILL do what we ask without intimidation, force, or coercion if we communicate what we want compassionately. 

In fact, they will be delighted too!!

How do I know this?  I know because I have worked with horses for over 35 years. I used to tell horses to "knock it off," and hit them and yank on them when they "misbehaved."  I used spurs, force, and whatever I deemed "necessary" to control them and make them safe to be around.  I demanded their obedience.  

Times Have Changed

Now I use Compassionate Communication and

have solved serious behavior problems

without using any force or pressure. 

I have helped create phenomenal connections and cooperative relationships between horses and people

to a degree that I didn't believe was possible. 

Come and See for Yourself!

At this clinic you will see how Compassionate Communication can change your life and your

horse's life for the better.   Resolve issues like spooking, walking into you or pulling while led, refusing to be caught, lack of confidence (yours or your horse's), and so much more!


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