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Kombat Boots

Kombat Boots


Does your horse have symptoms of digestive upset?  A bloated belly, cresty neck, recurring laminitis, poor hoof growth, cranky attitude, and ulcers may mean your horse's gut is unhappy.


Kombat Boots is our go-to for resolving these issues.  Kombat Boots is an all natural prebiotic and the cornerstone of our holistic approach to restoring and maintaining equine health.  It is pelleted nutritional yeast that has been specially formulated to reach the hind gut.  It is scientifically proven to support your horse's intestinal microbial population and boost the immune system.  Kombat Boots is designed to combat hind gut acidosis, reduce the incidence of colic and ulcers, and decrease inflammation in your horse's body.


We rehabilitate and care for horses with histories of poor health, laminitis, inflammation, skin conditions, dull coat, hoof problems, ulcers, poor appetites, and more.  We rely on Kombat Boots to help resolve these issues.  We feed it every day and our horses are thriving!


Proceeds from sales of Kombat Boots support Pure Joy Horse Haven Sanctuary and Education Center.

  • Feeding Directions

    Feed contents of enclosed scoop 2 times per day per 1000lbs.  Increase dosage during times of stress such as shipping, health crises, feed changes, carbohydrate overload, and competition. Kombat Boots is safe and can't be overfed.

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  • Ingredients

    Brewers Dried Grain, Brewers Dried Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae), Natural and Artificial Flavor

    Crude Protein min - 28%

    Crude Fat min - 5%

    Crude Fiber max - 14%

  • 20 lb bag - appx 40 servings

  • 47 lb box - appx 94 servings

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