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We use humane evidence-based techniques to teach your

horse valuable skills, resolve behavioral issues, and

develop physical comfort, balance, and wellness. 



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                We Come to You or Bring Your Horse to Us 

    Resident Training and Rehabilitation Includes:

  • Whole-horse Wellness Evaluation

  • Welfare-centered accommodations

  • Customized diet by a Certified Equine Nutritionist

  • 4 or more training/rehabilitation sessions per week

  • Emotionally and physically healthy experiences

  • Recorded sessions shared with owner

  • Learning sessions with owner

  • Regular hoof care and barefoot trimming

  • Dentistry and veterinary services (billed separately)

We accept a limited number of horses for residential training

to ensure quality care and attention.



Equine Wellness - A comprehensive assessment your horse's overall comfort through analysis of gait, posture, musculoskeletal function,  hoof and dental balance.

Behavior Assessment and Resolution - Once we identify the cause of your horse's irritating, stressful, or dangerous behaviors, we can develop humane strategies for resolving them. 

Horse and Rider Development - Gain valuable insight into the state of your relationship with your horse under saddle.  Improve communication, balance, and performance by learning healthy riding techniques.

Therapeutic Saddle Fitting - Assess the comfort and suitability of your saddle for you and your horse.  Includes back assessment and measurements for a new saddle purchase.

Nutrition Assessment - A customized nutrition evaluation and dietary recommendations based on your horse's individual needs.  Available online and in person.


Horse Farm Management - Create a horse-friendly environment to improve the quality of your equines' lives and reduce the effort of horse keeping.

New-Owner Assistance Support - Expert advice on selecting your first horse, purchasing tack, care, nutrition, handling, and more. 



Initial Consultation

                2 hours at $100/hr.  

Session Packages


 4 Hours @ $360

 8 Hours @ $640


  Travel Fee $30/hr

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