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Your horse's well-being is our first priority...

Using compassionate evidence-based techniques we teach your

horse new skills, resolve behavioral issues, and develop

the healthiest body possible. 


During his or her stay, we will build confidence,

comfort, and improve the quality of your horse's life.


We will also teach you how to communicate with and interact with your horse in a way that is founded on mutual understanding that 

creates a beautiful and deep organic connection.



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Your Horse's Stay Includes:

  • Whole-horse health evaluation

  • Welfare-centered accommodations

  • Customized diet - Dale is a Certified Equine Nutritionist

  • 4 or more training/rehabilitation sessions per week

  • Sessions are recorded and forwarded to owner

  • One-on-one sessions for owner

  • Regular hoof trimming

  • Therapeutic body work

  • Dentistry, veterinary, and farrier services (billed separately)

On-site training and rehabilitation is available to a limited number

of horses to maximize their care and attention.




  • Learn healthy riding techniques that  benefit your horse and elevate your success in the saddle.

  • Explore the world of compassionate communication with instruction in Positive Reinforcement and methods such clicker training, targeting, and active release.


  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to create physical and emotional balance to benefit any breed, age, level of experience, and discipline.


Private Instruction: $85/hr 

(There will be additional time/cost for horse/equipment assessment during your first lesson)

Group Lesson: $65/hr (2 or more students)


Online Instruction: $85/hr 


Video evaluation  $20 per video


Travel Fees - $30/hr



Functional Evaluation: An assessment your horse's comfort, gait, posture,  musculoskeletal symmetry, hoof balance, and dental alignment.

Behavioral Evaluation - Identify behavioral issues that can affect your relationship and experience with your horse, and your horse's welfare.

Horse and Rider Assessment - An in depth review of performance under saddle, with a focus on horse and rider communication, balance, and mechanics.

Tack/Saddle Assessment: Therapeutic saddle fitting for horse and rider.   Includes tracings, spine assessment, and saddle pad and girth advice.

Nutrition ConsultationA customized nutrition report and recommendations based on a forage-based anti-inflammatory diet.  Available online and in person.


Management Consultation: Create a horse-friendly environment to ease your workload and improve the quality of horses' lives.

New-Owner Consultation:  Avoid the pitfalls of selecting your first horse with a hands or online pre-purchase assessment.  Advice is also available on proper horse care, equipment selection, handling, and efficient farm management techniques.





We are currently expanding our online booking platform.  Please Contact Us directly to make an appointment if your selection isn't available or
if we can answer any questions.

We want to help you and your horse.
Ask about our Financial Flexibility options.
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