Your horse's well-being is our first priority.

Our whole-horse training program provides a low stress environment in which your horse will feel thrive. 


Your horse's health and happiness is at the

cornerstone of everything we do.

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Training includes:

  • A comprehensive functional and behavioral evaluation

  • Safe comfortable surroundings

  • Regular owner updates

  • Welfare-centered housing*

  • 4 or more sessions per week

  • Owner lessons

  • Custom forage-based diet

  • Twice daily feeding

  • Accommodations for horses with metabolic sensitivities and grass intolerance

  • Expert hoof care, body work, dental balancing and transportation services (billed separately)

  • An open door policy for owners to observe training sessions - please schedule in advance

  • Additional services upon request

We are currently accepting a limited number of training horses to ensure each receives personalized care and attention.


*We offer compassionate Welfare Centered Board and Care to all our resident equines which includes:

  • 24/7 access to forage and clean water

  • Spacious mud resistant paddock

  • Spacious self-choice shelter

  • Regular turn out on grass pasture (if appropriate)

  • Fans in the summer

  • Blanketing, fly spray, fly mask on/off, hoof and wound care

  • Daily paddock cleaning

  • Farm-wide fly control



Balance, relaxation, comfort, confidence,

compassion, connection, and FUN for horse and human are at the heart of every lesson at Pure Joy Horsemanship.

We are here to help our beginner and advanced students achieve success in all aspects of their horsemanship experience. 

We offer instruction in:

  • Relationship Building

  • Fear Reduction and Confidence Building

  • Positive Reinforcement/Clicker Training

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Groundwork & In-Hand Skills

  • Trick Training

  • Casual Riding

  • English Riding

  • Classical Dressage

  • Western Riding

  • Gaited Riding

  • Gaited Dressage


Private Lessons: $85/hr 

(Please allow additional time/cost for a horse/equipment assessment at your first lesson)

Group Lesson: $60/hr per student


​Remote Lessons: $75/hr + $15 per video evaluation   (Via phone, Skype or Zoom)


Travel Cost - $20/hr

We welcome haul-in students at Lyric Valley Ranch in Sante Fe, TN.



Consults offer in depth looks into specific ares of your horse's

performance, behavior, comfort, and wellness.

Functional Evaluation: Dale will assess your horse's comfort, gait, posture, function, musculoskeletal symmetry, hoof balance, and dental alignment.

Behavioral Evaluation - Gain insight into the cause of your horse's unwanted behaviors with a behavior analysis.

Horse and Rider Evaluation - Receive an in depth review of strengths,  weaknesses, and detailed plan for creating improvements in communication, connection, and performance.  Trainer collaborations are welcome.

Tack Assessment/Saddle Evaluation: An ill-fitting saddle can damage your horse. Learn if your tack is helping or hurting your horse and if it's the right fit for you.

Nutrition Evaluation:  Dale is a Certified Equine Nutritionist and can give you a complete dietary evaluation and recommendations either in person or online.

Equine Management: Learn how to house and care for your horse in a way that improves welfare, health, performance, and behavior.

New Owner Support:   Dale helps new owners get started on the right "hoof"  with horse and tack selection services and expert guidance in horse care, handling and management.

Consultations - $85/hr plus $20/hr travel

Complete Wellness Package - $240

Package Includes Any Three of the Above Evaluation Options

20% off for each additional horse

Additional Services

Online Instruction and Consultations - Make progress with your horse anywhere in the world!  Connect by phone, email, Pivo, or Zoom. 

$75/hr $15 per video assessment.

Online Nutrition Assessments - Contact Dale to receive your nutrition questionnaire and instructions on how to submit photos of your horse. 

$80.  Add a hay analysis report - $25.