Your horse's well-being is our first priority...

We teach new skills, compassionately resolve behavioral

issues, create emotional stability, and restore physical

comfort, balance, and function.


We provide low-stress engaging experiences for

your horse and help him or her thrive!



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Your Horse's Stay Includes:

  • A comprehensive whole-horse evaluation

  • Regular text and video updates

  • Welfare-centered housing

  • Diet customized by a certified equine nutritionist

  • 4 or more training/rehabilitation sessions per week

  • Owner lessons and open invite to observe training  sessions scheduled in advance

  • Expert hoof care, body work, dental balancing and transportation services (billed separately)

We accept a limited number of horses to ensure your horses

receives the personalized care and attention need.




Create balance, relaxation, comfort, confidence, and connection, with your horse!

Riding and groundwork instruction available.

Our methods benefit handlers and riders at any level and horses of all ages, breeds, and activities.



Private Lessons: $85/hr 

(Please allow additional time/cost for a horse/equipment assessment at your first lesson)

Group Lesson: $60/hr per student


​Remote Lessons: $85/hr + $15 per video evaluation   (Via phone, Skype or Zoom)


Travel Cost - $25/hr

We welcome haul-in students at Lyric Valley Ranch in Sante Fe, TN.



Functional Evaluation: Dale will assess your horse's comfort, gait, posture,  musculoskeletal symmetry, hoof balance, and dental alignment.

Behavioral Evaluation - Gain insight into your horse's view of the world, your relationship, and the cause of unwanted behaviors.

Horse and Rider Evaluation - Receive an in depth review of your horse's performance under saddle with recommendations for improving balance, carriage, movement, and relationship.

Tack Assessment/Saddle Evaluation: Is your saddle a good fit?  Book an in person or online saddle fitting session to find out. 

Nutrition EvaluationDiet is everything!  What your horse eats affects behavior, hooves, comfort, performance, and longevity.  Get your horse's customized nutrition report today!


Equine Management Consultation: Learn how to create a horse-friendly environment that eases your workload and improve your horse's quality of life.

New Owner Consultation:   Start out on the right "hoof" with your new horse.  This is your one stop shop for horse selection advice and guidance in horse care, equipment, handling, management.

Pre-Purchase Consultation: Get an in depth report on physical condition, behavior, and training to make sure your new horse is a perfect fit.





We are currently expanding our online booking platform.  Please Contact Us directly to make an appointment if your selection isn't available or
if we can answer any questions.

We want to help you and your horse.
Ask about our Financial Flexibility options.