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Is it BAD to Hand Feed Your Horse?

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Some people will tell you hand feeding is the worse thing you can do with your horse. It will run your relationship and cause DANGEROUS behavior.

Truth or Fiction?

I'm an evidence-based trainer. I use positive reinforcement and food rewards every day. It's one of the many tools I use to teach horses like yours polite manners, cooperative behavior, and how to feel relaxed and confident. It opens doors of communication and creates clarity between our very different species.

A Paradigm Shift

You may think that this won't work for you or your horse. You may be right It's not for everyone. It can be

a real challenge of your experience and beliefs are in opposition of the concept.

What If?

What if it's the best thing you've ever done for yourself and your horse? My clients, and I, all have backgrounds in traditional horsemanship, but we'll never go back. We have experienced the positive changes in our horse's lives and our own.

Time for Change

I won't lie and say it's easy to learn, or let go of old ways, but it's totally worth the effort. The change in how you feel about your relationship with your horse, and the benefits you will both experience, are innumerable and profound. A few years ago I wrote this article about hand feeding and the benefits to you and your horse. Tip: You can still use food rewards without feeding them out of your hand. You can reward without food too.

/hand-feeding-treats-to-horses/amp For more info, give me a shout. I am happy to answer questions. I also offer training and behavior consults and teach these methods locally and virtually.


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