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Pure Joy Horsemanship: A New Paradigm for Horses and Owners

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Welcome to My Blog! Allow me to Introduce Myself...

Hi! I'm Dale Rudin, founder of Pure Joy Horsemanship and Pure Joy Horse Haven.

I am not here to talk about myself though. You can find info about my credentials and experience on my website. What I want to tell you about is my love of horses and commitment to do right by them.

I was the horse-crazy girl with the horse models all over my dresser. I was born loving horses. I got my first horse at age 12. That poor boy suffered all my ignoranc I loved him dearly. We had some really good times together. He taught me so much about the impact I had when it came to helping him be the best he could be.

Fast forward to a few years ago, and about 30 years into being a profession equestrian, and a dramatic change in my point of view and purpose. Well, maybe it wasn't a true change in perspective, but more being exposed to new (better) information and the opportunity to acquire different (again better) knowledge and skills.

Instead of thinking, "What can this animal do to make me happier,

I think what can I do for this animal happier?"

Back in the Day...

There is no doubt that I my ego was completely wrapped around the work I did with horses. Their behavior and performance was a reflection on me, my value and my self worth. That was not a healthy place for me to be and the horses in my care suffered if they didn't live up to my expectations.

It's a Whole New World

Nowadays it's the horses' welfare, not my ego, that motivates me. It was a decades-long process to get here, and there were plenty of bumps (i.e. jaggedy mountain ranges) along the way. Now that I am where I am, I can see how unhealthy I was and how much damage I did to the horses I loved.

Now the horse comes first and I am experiencing a professional and personal life that I didn't know existed. I have an understanding and bond with these being in horse suits that blows my mind. I can never go back and I am beyond excited about what's ahead.

Leave a comment below about your journey with horses. We'd love to hear from you. Send me a note if you'd like to experience this new paradigm for yourself and the horses in your life.



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