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Kombat Kleer

Kombat Kleer


Kombat Kleer is designed to help horses suffering from systemic inflammation caused by mycotoxin exposure.  Mycotoxins are by products of fungal and bacterial molds that exist in pasture, hay, and feed.  They enter the bloodstream through the small intestine, disrupt the intestinal microbes, and trigger an inflammatory response in your horse's body.


Mycotoxins are also vasoconstrictors, which means they reduce the flow of blood.  This is particularly problematic for your horse's feet.  When circulation is restricted, your horse's feet are deprived of oxygen the nutrients needed to keep hoof tissue healthy and strong.   Signs of decreased blood flow are poor hoof condition, thin soles, soft soles, thin walls, white line, flare, stretched laminae, tenderness, slow growth, wall ridges, laminitis, and founder. 


Kombat Kleer was designed by Dale Rudin, Certified Equine Nutritionist.  It is all natural and safe.  It will not test.  We recommend feeding Kombat Kleer along with Kombat Boots to defend against mycotoxin exposure, increase circulation to the hooves, and maintain healthy digestion.

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Free Shipping

  • Proceeds Support Pure Joy Horse Haven Sanctuary

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