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Magic Hoof Mudd

Magic Hoof Mudd


Magic Hoof Mudd is as magical as the name implies.  Our special formula of all natural human grade ingredients (neem, sliver, clay, witch hazel, zinc, tea tree, and honey) heal, soothe, and protect your horse's precious hooves.  Magic Hoof Mudd's anti-bacterial anti-fungal properties kick thrush and white line to the curb.  Magic Hoof Mudd also defends your horse's hooves against excessive moisture and dryness.  Magic Hoof Mudd is breathable, non-irritating, and safe for your horse and the environment. 


All proceeds support Pure Joy Horse Haven equine sanctuary.


Send us photos of your Magic Hoof Mudd success stories!

  • Directions

    Clean hoof thoroughly with hoof pick and brush.  Pay particular attention to the collateral grooves, central sulci, and any areas of separation.  With the brush or fingers, pack Magic Hoof Mudd into all crevices and cracks and rub over the sole, frog, and heels.  Repeat as needed.  A single application may last up to 2-3 three days.  Can be applied daily.  Use on the outer hoof wall to protect against dryness and treat bacteria living in cracks and splits. 

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