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At Pure Joy Horsemanship teaching horses and humans with compassion and understanding is the cornerstone of our success.

"It is my pleasure to help you experience
a joyful relationship and beautiful connection
with your equine friends." 

- Dale Rudin

Welcome to Pure Joy Horsemanship!


Meet Dale Rudin​

Dale has dedicated over 30 years of her life to learning the best ways to feed, exercise, house, and communicate with horses.  

She is passionate about improving the quality of life of every horse she meets.  She does this by cherishing their true nature, respecting their intelligence, and honoring their individuality.

"Pure Joy Horsemanship is your resource for reliable evidence-based information you need to have the safe, cooperative, and

fulfilling experience you've always wanted."

Pure Joy Horsemanship is a care and training philosophy based on modern scientific understanding of equine behavior, mechanics, and physiology. 

Pure Joy Horsemanship provides you with the understanding, guidance, and practical skills you need to be an excellent equine caretaker and trainer.  (We are all trainers when we interact with our horses!)


Pure Joy Horsemanship is committed to the emotional and physical well-being of your horse.  We believe this approach is the most effective and ethical way to train and care for our equine partners.  The incredible results we have confirms it!  

Pure Joy Horsemanship meets the needs of horses of all breeds, disciplines, and students at every level – beginner to advanced.

Principles of Pure Joy Horsemanship:

- Treat each horse and human fairly and compassionately.
- Improve & enrich the lives of horses and their humans.

- Teach without force, intimidation, or fear.

- Develop comfort and relaxation.

- Build trust and confidence.

Dale offers training, instruction, clinics, and workshops at her farm, Lyric Valley Ranch in Santa Fe, Tennessee.  She is also available for whole horse evaluations, nutrition consults, and saddle fitting.  Dale can come to your farm and offers virtual consultations and instruction.  For a complete list of services, click here

We are here to help resolve your horse's behavior issues, teach new skills, and improve performance with healthy, affirming training techniques.

We are happy to share our knowledge, offer guidance, and advise on topics such as behavior, performance, biomechanics, saddle fit, management, and nutrition.

Lessons are a great way to get the one-on-one instruction you need to make each moment you spend with your horse a safe, successful, and fulfilling experience. 

Classes, seminars, workshops, and clinics. OH MY!  We offer live online events, workshops and clinics at our farm, and will soon offer educational webinars.



I am crying, imagining the load that must have fallen off this sweet boy when he realized that "saying" no is okay. I imagined that a tiny part of pain and confusion in his brain was exchanged with a spark of hope! Something worth living for.  Dale, I am so thankful that God created you to be that first encouraging spark for so many sad horses and has empowered you to explain and report your work to us in a way, it touches the heart!

-Melanie S.

You have a gift, Dale. Just call’em like I see’em. I’m ever thankful for the help you gave me and Whiz.

I appreciate so much all that you are doing for both of my horses. I consider you a mentor, teaching me a better way to have a trusting relationship with them. It’s been so great to see the progress being made!

You are a blessing 💖

This is so validating. I recently discovered my reactive little horse’s needs. A: more time to just stand and process "scary" stuff, before being asked to move forward;  B: some unrestricted trotting at the beginning of a ride, to release excess energy. Neither of these are necessarily what I want, LOL. I was so resistant to allowing her to tell me what would make her more comfortable!! But the resulting communication is so much better. Thank you for your workshop that helped me to see things through her eyes.

Thank you, Dale! I always enjoy your emails with awesome tips for improving my relationships with my boys. I am seeing great progress now. Babe is now loading up for me willingly and going places. I hope to bring him there next time you offer a clinic for both of us. Stay well my friend. 


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